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effortless beauty.

Glow North specializes in beautiful natural-looking permanent make-up brows and lip blushing. We also create beautiful delicate fine line tattoos, along with permanent (clasp-free) jewelry, to decorate your free-spirited soul. 
Located in Barrie, Ontario.



Glow North is a permanent make-up and tattoo studio owned and operated by Laura Brunton. It is located in Barrie, Ontario.

Laura is a certified Permanent Makeup Artist, Fineline Tattoo Artist, Lash Technician and Medical Aesthetician. She also has a 20+ year background in graphic design and fine arts which has given her a keen eye for colour theory, composition, and technique. This allows her to build high quality natural looking brows and create crisp clean lined tattoos. Laura has a thirst for knowledge and aims for perfection, and she continues to expand her education and stay in the know to ensure her clients receive the highest in standards.

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Your natural beauty. 

Only better.



Barrie, Ontario


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